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2020 Zoom Debates!

With elections coming up, we will be focusing on local candidates!  


First, thank you for your continued membership and dedication to Tiger Bay and the community during this difficult time. As the phases of our restrictions are being lifted, we continue to be unsure of our luncheon capabilities. Therefore, our debates will not play out as usual and we will be hosting our meetings virtually for each candidate race until we can resume our luncheon meetings as usual.
Our first debate priorities will be focusing on the August primaries. Once we can confirm the candidates’ qualification, we will be scheduling all of the candidates on the August ballot that have Primaries.
After the August primary, we will be scheduling the November election candidates (including candidates that will be challenging the winners of the August primary).
Manatee Tiger Bay Club strives to adhere to our Non-Partisan Political Club Mission. Therefore, in this process of the debate season, l, as president, have decided to create a Debate Committee separate from our Program Committee. Our Debate Committee is co-chaired by members of Manatee Tiger Bay Club, consisting of one co-chair of the Democratic Party and one co-chair of the Republican party, along with four other members from all political views. None of the members on the Debate Committee will be current candidates running for election. We have ensured that the Debate Committee is diverse comprising of Independents, Democrats and Republicans. In addition, the Co-Chairs and members of this Committee will be reviewing questions from members of Manatee Tiger Bay Club, as you send them in, to avoid any redundant questions.
Our goal is to have a great platform to inform voters and that everyone, regardless of party affiliation, is treated fairly.
The Board will be discussing when we will reconvene for our regular luncheons. In the meantime, we will continue to have our virtual debates. Once we reconvene, several of the debates will be continued virtually online in addition to our luncheons.
Thank you for your continued support of Manatee Tiger Bay Club. We will be sending out information on all debates in the very near future. We hope you will participate in our Virtual Debates.
Xtavia Bailey, President
Manatee Tiger Bay Club
Thanks for supporting Manatee Tiger Bay Club.
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